Well, that's a first for me;

I've just taken a call from a telesales company for "an accident I had which wasn't my fault". I explained that I hadn't had an accident and that I was registered with the TPS so they shouldn't have my details.
She responded that she was sorry to have bothered me and that she would take my details off their list and promised not to call again. Then she wished me a good day, which was nice.

Now for the weird thing; the call was automated and I honestly couldn't tell straight away! After a couple of sentences it was obvious, but my initial impression was that I was talking to a human.

The company must be using AI and voice recognition, a la, Alexa, Siri, etc. to "understand" my response and then respond plus take appropriate action.
This might not be news to any of you, but, as I mentioned I rarely get these kind of calls. I don't use any smart speakers, which is a bit odd in itself, for a tech geek like me, so the capabilities of this kind of technology, experienced first hand and for the first time, actually amazed me.

Colour me seriously impressed!

Also a bit freaked out.

 Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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