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So, you've joined our awesome service and want to setup your website. Great! We thank you for signing up with us, and we'll endeavour to make the process as easy for you as we can.

So; where to start. I'm going to assume that by now you've ordered your hosting package and registered a domain name. If you haven't, you can go and do it now, then come back. I'll just wait here for you ;)

When you signed up for our services we sent you an email with your login details and asking you to confirm the email address by clicking on a link. That's the first thing to do.

If you've ordered hosting and a domain name for your business and you want to sell online, you'll need an SSL certificate to show the world that you're a trustworthy business.

Once that's done, you'll want to setup your website. How you go about this depends on your circumstances and choices; have you got a web developer, or do you have the necessary skills to build it yourself? You could use the built-in website builder which is available in your Control Panel and provides an easy way to get a fully functioning website up and running with the minimum of fuss. You could also sign up for Weebly via your Client Area from only £1.49 per month.

If you've engaged the services of a web designer or developer, then they will almost certainly know how how to use the Control Panel to setup your website effectively. If not, just get in touch - we provide a web design and development service that will delight you and your website viewers.


Your hosting package comes with a number of free email addresses. Set these up from the Control Panel "Email Accounts" link and just fill in the appropriate details.

To Be Continued...


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