How do I add another domain to my Hosting Account? Print

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To add a new domain to your existing hosting account:

  1. Log into your cPanel control panel
  2. Click Addon Domains
  3. Complete the form to add the domain into your hosting account

We recommend that the "Document Root" is set to the domain name only, not "public_html/domain" This ensures that the site runs independently and will not be afected by settings within the public_html folder.

You can also define your desired FTP username and password if applicable.

Once added, the changes to the DNS will be propagated across the whole of the internet. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours. One it has, the domain will be available like any other.

Once you've added the domain, you can select the "Redirects" option in cPanel if you want to simply point the new domain a different one.

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