How Can I Share My Affiliate Link?

You can share your link anywhere you like, but the best way is to share it digitally, as a clickable link, rather than as plain text on paper, for instance. This is because the unique code that refers to you individual (the bit after the "?" may be missed off if someone is just typing it out).

The best method is to post your affiliate link to a large audience. There will be a percentage of people seeing your link that will actually click on it. There'll also be a percentage of people who go on to order hosting from us. So the more people who get to see your link, the better!

Each time someone clicks you link, they will have 90 days to make a purchase from our site, any purchases made during that period will earn you commission.

Where To Post Your Link

Your website.

If you have a website or a blog, place your link in your footer, or header; wherever someone is likely to click on it.

Social Media.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram produce a captive audience of millions. Simply make a post, with your affiliate link...and let these social media giants do the rest. Suggest posts could be:

Example 1. Get your web hosting today and receive a FREE domain. Find out more: Add your affiliate link here

Example 2. Get your web hosting today and receive a FREE domain. All hosting plans come with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee! Find out more: Add your affiliate link here

Example 3. HarryAdney Internet Services is brilliant for customer service, and is a UK based Web Hosting company. Find out more: Add your affiliate link here

Example 4. Have you tried hosting with this UK Based Company, they offer FREE domain for Life. Find out more: Add your affiliate link here Basically, you are only limited by your sales skills and creativity!

We also have a growing resource of images you can use such as this one:

You can find this on your personal affiliate page by logging into your account and clicking on the "More Details" button in the Affiliate Program section. Just copy and paste the code into your website, blog, or social media post.

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