G Suite
Do you have a Hotmail, Yahoo or Gmail email address for your business? It doesn't look very professional does it?
Have you considered the benefits of your email address like info@mycompany.com? An email address that is associated with your actual domain name or business name is so much more professional. It shows that you take your business seriously and are willing to invest in your business to show that.
Get more work done, faster.
G Suite is a cloud-based productivity suite for your business that helps you get work done from anywhere on any device.
Look professional with Gmail
Get custom email (you@yourcompany.com) and more than 30 GB of inbox storage. Compatible with Microsoft Outlook and other email clients.
Smart scheduling with Google Calendar
Schedule meetings at times that work for everyone.
Get reminders directly in your Gmail inbox.
Store and share in the cloud with Google Drive
Save work files in Google Drive, access them from any device.
Collaborate in real time.

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