A Recruiter’s Guide to Hire Tech Talent

  • Wednesday, 20th October, 2021
  • 17:15pm

A Recruiter’s Guide to Hire Tech Talent

In this highly technological world, recruiters have a challenging task when it comes to hiring tech talent. Not only because they need to understand the basics of technical skills, but also because they need to find creative ways to hire tech professionals. 


Whether you’re trying to hire a web developer or a data scientist, this guide may help you. Here we’ll show you some tips when it comes to hiring tech talent. 


Emphasize Benefits Over Compensation

According to CNBC, one of the main reasons people switch to a tech career is salary. Most of the tech salaries are above $100,000, according to Glassdoor. However, it doesn’t mean that tech workers would only be impressed by a good salary. 


According to a recent StackOverflow survey, most developers choose a company over others because of other benefits such as flexible schedules or remote working possibilities. Therefore, if you’re trying to hire tech talent, consider offering those types of benefits. This could even be more relevant for them than having an excellent salary. 


Workplace Culture

Want to know what’s one of the major reasons why developers and most tech workers quit their jobs? Workplace culture. This could make anyone leave their job, but the number of tech workers who switched jobs, for this reason, is considerably high. 


According to a report released by The Ford Foundation and Kapor Center for Social Impact, 37 percent of tech workers said they quit their jobs because of mistreatment or unfairness. If you embrace a balanced and harmonized workplace culture, you’ll attract top tech talent. 


Some sites offer this type of information for prospects such as Glassdoor. You can encourage your current employers to apply for a survey regarding workplace culture, and this way, you’ll be publicly sharing the quality of your workplace culture. 


Offer the Best Tech Tools

It’s very tedious for tech workers to deliver tasks without the right tools. Although it is an excellent way to test their creativity and problem-solving skills, they won’t stay at a company that doesn’t provide them with the right tools. 


Besides, this is an excellent way to make their job more optimized. With the right tools, tech workers could develop their tasks quicker and more efficiently. 


Get the Right Help


When you’re a non-technical professional, you may not be able to understand everything tech workers speak. And you can always learn by taking some classes or doing some research. However, if you still don’t feel comfortable recruiting tech talent on your own, you can always find the right help. 


In the technical interview, you can tell a tech professional to assist you. This way, you’ll have someone by your side that can translate the results for you. Before the interview, you should explain to them your project and what you expect from the tech professional you’ll be hiring. 


Become Fluent in Tech Terminology

As a recruiter, you don’t always understand the nature of the professions you’re hiring. Therefore, if you’re not going to have a tech professional by your side to guide the conversation, you’ll need to learn some basics. 


To properly hire a tech worker, you don’t have to take a bachelor’s degree in computer science. However, it would be good if you could learn how to code at the basic level. This way, if you ever have to hire a software developer, for example, you’ll know what he is talking about, and you’ll be able to test them in their field. 


Experience More Important Than a College Degree

A couple of years ago, having a bachelor’s degree used to be crucial in the recruiting process. However, today, this has changed. 


Many big companies like Google or Apple have ditched their college degree requirements when hiring tech professionals. The reason for this is because talent could come from anywhere, and aspirants with more experience than others would be a better match. 




When dealing with tech professionals, the most important thing is to understand their language. Although you don’t need to be an expert in the subject, you should at least understand the fundamental knowledge. Remember that it’s not all about offering high salaries, but also providing them with the right tools and benefits. 


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